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Feat. Samville, Mr. Weaver, DJ Mobot, Jhan Doe and More... 




JDG and Aktually is truly a divine connection created many years ago through their mutual love of music. In 2008 JDG and Aktually joined together with a band called Undivided Attention, which was a local rock and hip hop band. After numerous live events and shows, Aktually and JDG felt the need to leave the band because secular music was not their calling.

Seeking God’s blessing and timing, they decided to work together on a music project in 2015 which is now called 30 Coins.  After praying and seeking God’s guidance, the two men embarked on a journey to create music infused with the message of God’s love.  Being friends for many years allowed the pair to work well together and create a Holy Spirit inspired musical collaboration.

 In 2016 the duo is proud to release their first album entitled “C.R.O.S.S.” which is an acronym for “Constantly Reaching Out Saving Souls”.  It is their prayer that this album will be well-received by all who are able to hear it.